• August 20, 2016
  • - By Moodfit Team

Decorating Your Home for the Summer

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The sun is shining and nature is blossoming yet your home still feels as bland as a winter morning. By adding just a few details, you can bring the summer vibe into your home. Here’s Four tips on how to decorate your home for summer:

1. Imitate Nature

Take a look outside, what’s the first thing you see? Colors. Bright, vibrant, vivacious colors. That’s the first thing you need to bring to your house. Change the bed covers, pillowcases, curtains, table covers, and anything else that you feel could bring the mood down. Go for vivid colors such as green, yellow, orange, and blue.

2. Bring the Outdoors Indoors

During summer, it’s the abundantly colorful plants and trees that give life to a once grey and dull environment. So carry that life inside by placing a flower vase as the centerpiece of your dining table to make your meals or dinner parties more appetizing. Decorate the corners of your living room with tall plants to liven up TV time. You can even place a plant or flower at the windowsill of your kitchen or bedroom. In addition to greenery, you can decorate with marine motifs such as seashells and a message-in-a-bottle!

3. Colorful Rugs

Although rugs are usually brought out only in winter, they could play a key role in livening up your space. After removing those thick, dark, warm rugs, the tiles are a nice change, but after a couple of days, they can get monotonous to look at. Not to worry, you can color the floor easily with a few thin rugs. Whether you choose patterned, flowery, or monochromatic rugs, you will definitely add a much needed diversity to your home.

4. Add More Light

Keeping up with the idea of adding color, you can brighten up your space further with more light, both natural and artificial. First of all, keep your curtains wide open to allow as much sun rays to do their magic. You’ll feel much happier and more relaxed when beams of natural sunshine radiate across your room. When the sun comes down, flare up the  house with original lighting. For a soft and subtle atmosphere, you can hang up some Chinese lamps. For a more brilliant feel, you can bring out the Christmas lights, which, combined with the fixtures, can create a refreshing cheerfulness!

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