Online Interior Designer, Moussa Mazraani is an architect who was drawn into the world of interior design since the early years following his graduation.With over 5 years of experience in architecture and design, Moussa prefers to define himself first as a painter. He describes empty spaces as white canvases waiting for an artistic touch to bring them to life. Moodfit team had the chance to sit with Moussa and had this exclusive interview.

1- Profile PictureWhere do you get your inspiration from?

As an artist I seek art in everything that surrounds us. I depend on art to get my inspiration.

Sustainability and eco-friendly living are becoming more essential in life. How do you take that into consideration when designing?

When designing, it is essential to take into consideration the factors of the elements (sun, wind, and rain). Deciding on the orientation, location, and size of windows is a key to protect your space from the summer heat and to benefit from the same heat in winter. The use and reuse of building materials can also benefit in the recycling process thus yielding a positive impact on the environment. Harvesting the renewable energies from the sun, wind, and rain is one of the best solutions.

What is the best design advice you have ever received?

Architects are like surgeons, surgeons of spaces and buildings.

If a couple has different design preferences, how do you advise them on a final decision?

In design there is always a need for flexibility. A designer has to be able to extract notions and key elements from both individuals. These notions are the visions and preferences of each. By combining them with his own vision the designer should reach a solution that will satisfy all parties without compromising the work.

A selection of Moussa’s Works:

Saad 4

Saad 2 (1)

Nseir DAS 6

Nseir DAS 3

Nseir DAS 1 (1)

Khoury 2 (1)

Khoury 1 (1)

Fakra Chalet 2 (1)

Carla Rayess 1

Interested in designing your room with Moussa? Check out his portfolio and start your project.

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