• July 4, 2016
  • - By Moodfit Team

Water and stain repellent fabrics? A dream come true…

A stain… my mom’s worst nightmare!

When you were a kid, your mother’s biggest fear was probably a stain on the nice living room sofa! That’s understandable; kids are messy and the couches get easily stained.

Luckily, designers have found a way to appease our fear of the stain! There’s been a big shift in the decor world recently, wherein outdoor fabrics are being used indoors, and it’s not just for their stain resistance. Outdoor fabrics are also more durable and their color is less likely to fade over time because they’re made to withstand long exposure to sunlight and moisture.

Whereas indoor fabrics can be made from any textile you can imagine (cotton, linen, silk, and many more), furniture manufacturers make outdoor fabrics out of solution-dyed acrylic and are manufactured especially to endure harsh conditions.

So, outdoor fabrics are tough, but you may be thinking ‘Do they look good inside? Will they fit in with the rest of my furniture?’ The answer to your questions is Yes! Outdoor fabrics have been used for years in interior upholstery, which is enough time to perfect the details and give them a seamless look with thousands of colors, prints, and patterns. In fact, it’s difficult – sometimes impossible – to discern if an item is made from an indoor or outdoor fabric.

Here are some examples of indoor furniture upholstered with outdoor fabrics; you be the judge!

Furniture manufacturers use nanotechnology fabrics to make furniture items that are lightweight, water and stain repellent… they look beautiful too!

How about for stain free chairs for the office?

These fabrics are being used not only on couches, but also on other furniture that’s prone to sunlight, moisture, and staining, such as curtains, chairs, cushions, and bedspreads. So, whether you’re looking for new furniture or reupholstering those old couches, consider the durable, stain-resistant outdoor fabrics.

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