• May 6, 2019
  • - By Noor H

4 Ways to Use Acrylic Furniture In Your Space

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This next article covers acrylic furniture. These transparent pieces can be a great addition to any space due to the way the blend in, while popping out as a statement item. They can give the room the architectural structure it needs, without overcrowding it. They work well in small spaces, and can go with nearly every style since they’re so easy on the eyes.

Below are 4 ways you can use acrylic furniture in your interior:

1. Acrylic coffee table

An acrylic coffee table provides a surface for your favorite items without taking up visual space. And guess what? you’ll be able to show off your favourite rug. To add a bit of warmth, you can layer it with wooden side tables.


2. Acrylic shelves


Clear shelves will help you be more organised since their content will be visible from all angles. You can use them as bookshelves or even storage in your bathroom. This will encourage you to keep up with your neat game, and the result will be a tidy and stylish piece in your space.

3. Entrance

A clear console table or bench is the suitable addition for a small entrance, resulting in a functional and sleek space.

4. Mix and match

Mix and match acrylic furniture with old furniture pieces for an interesting eclectic look, or different textures and materials such as leather, metals, wood and colourful fabrics.

Acrylic furniture is more than a clear element. It’s a versatile ingredient that suits your interior design taste buds and can take many shapes and functions, from a small accessory and decorative item to a full-fledged center-of-attention party piece.


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